Dear Colleagues, 


In line with PALES’ initiative to reconstitute our roster and upon the approval of the Board of Directors, all Fellows are urged to attend the renewal of certificate to be held during the PALES midyear convention on January 18, 2023 at the Baguio Country Club. This will entail a lecture followed by a comprehensive examination on current basic laparoscopy knowledge. For those who will fail, a certificate with a validity of 1 year will be granted. For passers, a certificate with a Seal of Approval by the PALES with a 5-years validity will be issued. The health care institutions where the Fellow is affiliated will be provided an updated list of members in good standing. 


This program aims to align with the Philippine Regulations Commission to professionalize our ranks, protect our Fellows and dispel competency issues by providing an objective confirmation of such. 


For further inquiries, please call or message our secretariat at +639082408725 or email at


Thank you very much and we hope for your participation in this undertaking as PALES continues to be the beacon of MIS in the country.