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Please submit photocopies of the first seven (7) documents and original copies of the next four (4) documents.

  1. Medical School Diploma

  2. PRC Board Certificate

  3. Valid PRC License

  4. Certificate of Residency Training

  5. Specialty Board Certificate

  6. Certificate of Completion of a Course on Basic or Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery or a Certificate of Training  in Laparoscopic Surgery

  7. Preceptorship Certificate signed by a certified preceptor of PALES attesting to at least:

    • 10 Assisted Lap Chole cases

    • 10 Performed Lap Chole cases

    • 2 Assisted Lap Appendectomy cases

    • 3 Performed Lap Appendectomy cases

      • Please submit copy of Histopath Report of all PERFORMED cases.

  8. Accomplished Application Form

  9. Application Letter
    Letter addressed to:
    Raymund Andrew G. Ong, MD
    Director, Committee on Membership and Credentials

  10. Chapter Endorsement

  11. Submit five (5) names of PALES fellows with corresponding email addresses.
    (Names of FELLOWS must be coming from the chapter or from the Fellows practicing in the same area. If there is limited numbers of fellows from the area, submit names of fellows from neighboring provinces. Endorsement given by your preceptors will not be accepted.)

  12. Five (5) unedited video of Lap Chole Performed within the last two years

    • 3 Lap Cholecystectomy

      • Follow the PALES standard 4-port technique in achieving the Critical View of Safety (CVS)

    • 2 Lap Appendectomy

  13. Two pcs. (2x2) colored ID pictures.

  14. Application fee - Php3,500.00​


  1. The Committee on Membership and Credentials will make a random check on your institution.

  2. Associate membership is valid up to four (4) years only. All associate members are required to upgrade their membership to fellowship.

  3. Application Fee : N/A

Other fees: (to be settled once application is approved)

Php5,000.00       : Induction fee

Deadline for Submission: March 15, 2024 (Friday)

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