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Upgrading to PALES Fellow

Associate Member to Fellow


  1. Accomplished Application Form

  2. Letter of intent stating that you want to upgrade your membership from associate member to fellow. 
    Letter addressed to:
    Raymund Andrew G. Ong, MD
    Director, Committee on Membership and Credentials​

  3. Certificate of Fellowship/good standing from Philippine College of Surgeons/Sub-specialty Society.

  4. Submit 20 laparoscopic cases performed for the past two years with accompanying histopath report.

  5. Five (5) unedited video performed

    • Three (3) Lap Chole and two (2) Lap AP

    • (Follow the PALES standard 4-port technique in achieving the Critical View of Safety)

  6. Submit five (5) names of PALES fellows with corresponding email addresses and hospital affiliation.
    (Names of FELLOWS must be coming from the chapter or from the Fellows practicing in the same area. If there are limited numbers of fellows from the area, submit names of fellows in neighboring provinces.)

  7. Endorsement from Chapter (if any)

  8. Two (2) ID pictures

Deadline for submission: April 29, 2022 (Friday)





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