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  • The Professional MIS Surgeon:

Catherine SC. Teh, MD, FPALES

  • Best Practices in Informed Consent/ Disclosure & Reporting of Surgical Events in MIS  

Antonio Alejandro D. Rebosa MD, LLB

  • Panel and Case Discussion on Medico-legal Issues in MIS

Antonio Alejandro D. Rebosa MD, LLB

Kim Shi C. Tan, MD, FPALES

Dexter S. Aison, MD, FPALES

Andrea Joanne W. Alerta-Torre, MD, FPALES

Alejandro M. Palines Jr., MD, FPALES

Anthony R. Perez, MD, FPALES

Chair: Jose Vicente T. Prodigalidad, MD, FPALES

Co- Chair : Armen R. Posadas, MD, FPALES


Session 2: Professional Practices in MIS

January 19, 2023

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cordillera Convention Hall - BCC


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