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Importance and safety of the data that I submit.

  1. All data are stored in a database and your password are encrypted with wix editor x.

  2. Data will appear in your member’s profile, dues and CME and can only be seen by the member (user owner) 

  3. Data viewed in Find a Certified Laparoscopic / Endoscopic Surgeon are your Name and Hospital Affiliation.

  4. PRC is for CME use required by PRC

  5. All communication of PALES will use these data base and would not be use for any other purpose.

Data Privacy

Privacy is a fundamental human right and we at PALES put your safety and privacy first.  

Who collects the Data?

PALES Secretariat and Website Admin

How is it stored?

All data and password are stored in a database at the backend of our website using wix editor x .

*all passwords are encrypted and only the individual member (user) can use it.

What DATA is collected?

  1. Full Name

  2. email

  3. mobile number

  4. PRC Number

  5. Hospital Affiliation

*all passwords are encrypted and only the individual member (user) can use it.

What is the purpose of the data collected?

  1. Full Name - identity of member.

  2. email - communication purpose.

  3. mobile number - communication purpose.

  4. PRC Number - for CME purpose required by PRC.

  5. Hospital Affiliation - to be viewed in "Find a Certified Laparoscopic / Endoscopic Surgeon".

*we advice that the email and mobile number you submit is what you commonly use.

Who can view the data inside my profile page?

PROFILE, ​DUES, CME and PALES ON AIR PRO (seen in member's section/member's pages)

can be viewed by the individual member (user) ONLY.

What data is shown in "Find a PALES Certified Laparoscopic /Endoscopic Surgeon"?

  1. Full Name

  2. Hospital Affiliation

*we advice to update your profile (button found below member's profile page) for your  database will be generated for the member's section.


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