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Simultaneous Session 1 “The Rise of Minimally Invasive Surgery”

By IRCAD Taiwan


To discuss the process by which a surgeon trains in minimally invasive surgery.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the session, the attendee will be able to:

1)  Have enhanced knowledge on the evolution of minimally invasive surgery and its impact on surgical training.

2)  Gain knowledge on how to start their minimally invasive surgery practice.

Evolution of Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship Training

Prof. Wayne Huang, MD

Minimally Invasive Surgery Center: Getting Started

Bariatric Surgery

Prof. Michael Chien-Hua Lin, MD

Colorectal Surgery

Prof. Jing-Jim Ou, MD

Liver Surgery

Prof. Charles CW. Lin, MD

Chairman: Gretel B. Puzon, MD
Co-chair: Kevin Kiel Apeles, MD

Session Coordinator: Alexander Hernandez, MD

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