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            It is with great pleasure and honor that I welcome all of you on behalf of the Officers and the Board of Directors to the NEW and REJUVENATED website of the Philippine Association of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgeons.


            We are now in the midst of challenging times wherein digital solutions and reliance on online video communication play a very important role in the interaction among others. It is the objective of this new website of PALES to open the doors and make the activities of the association be more relevant to the needs of our fellows as well as to the communities we serve.


            The world is indeed getting smaller and smaller and national and international communication happens at lighting speed. It is therefore just appropriate to adapt with the changing times and deliver the services of the association making it more palpable to everyone.


            We have rejuvenated the PALES website in order to be able to deliver the services and the advocacies the association does to all our fellows in the country. We have ensured that this website will be the gateway for our fellows for the promotion of continuing  surgical education in the field of minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery. Through this website we will have access to the various features like the upcoming data registry, new scientific journal of PALES called the Philippine Journal of Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgery (PJELS), updated video library of minimally invasive and endoscopic procedures coming from various experts in the field, interesting webinars, enduring postgraduate courses, innovative laparoscopic and endoscopic workshops, and the much-awaited annual conventions among others. Opportunities for various avenues of postgraduate fellowship training in minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery will now be made more accessible through this website. It is also through this endeavor where we can firm up and develop stronger bonds of collaboration with our friends and colleagues belonging to various local and international organizations sharing the same passion in the education and training of surgeons and the allied health in the field of minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery. 


            As an association whose values are clearly defined and it’s mission and vision  serving as its north star, this new website will serve as the avenue, for all our fellows belonging to various PALES Chapters in the country, that will ensure that they have at their finger tips access to vital information that will help them deliver quality surgical care and ensure patient safety to all. This is also an opportunity for our fellows to engage with association’s advocacies and activities by joining the various committees to help bring the organization to greater heights to be of more service to others. The opportunities for our organization though this website are endless. 



            On behalf of the Officers and the Board of Directors of PALES, I would like to express our grateful appreciation to the Director-in-Charge, Dr. Banny Genuino and to the Chair of the Committee on Publication and Information Technology, Dr. Alex Resurreccion, together with their committee members for their hardwork, selflessness, and dedication in ensuring the successful launching and maintenance of the this website for all of us. Congratulations and well done to all!



            I invite everyone to visit our website, register online and contribute in any which way we can to help future-proof the existence of PALES in the generations to come. During these times, let us all be one and create a culture of the need to do more as a PALES way of life.





Philippine Association of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgeons

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