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Advanced Laparoscopic Suturing Workshop for Trainees

Sponsored by: Karl Storz

Didactics: (virtual or recorded videos/lectures)

1.  Endoscopic suturing as an essential tool to minimally invasive surgery

2.  Minimally invasive instruments and sutures as your friend

3.  3P’s of laparoscopic suturing (proper posture, plane and position)

4.  The needle as your sword (needle manipulation)

5.  Breaking down the anatomy of endoscopic suturing (types of laparoscopic suturing)

6.  Never too old to take baby steps (simulation-based skills development)

Dry and wet lab (porcine tissue, stomach, and intestine): (F2F limited participants) * make questionnaire for the participants as to their exposure to laparoscopic surgery

1.  Rope Threading

2.  Block transfer

3.  Needle threading

4.  Shoestring

5.  Intracorporeal suturing and knot tying (simple interrupted)

6.  Extracorporeal suturing and knot tying (simple interrupted)

7.  Continuous suturing and knot tying

Wet Lab: Porcine Tissue Anastomosis

Jeff Domino & Joy Adora

You may register through this link:



Jeffrey JP. Domino, MD

Jeffrey JP. Domino, MD

Jonathan Joy D. Adora, MD

Jonathan Joy D. Adora, MD

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