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Speakers, Panelist and Judges

Jose Benito Abraham, MD

Jonathan Joy D. Adora, MD

Dexter S. Aison, MD

Joel Patrick A. Aldana, MD, FPUA

Prof. Angkoon Anuwong

Rouel Mateo M. Azores, MD

Arvin G. Briones, MD

Alfred Allen E. Buenafe, MD

Romulo R. Cabantac III, MD

Arlyn R. Cañones, MD

Henry C. Chua, MD

Jon Paolo C. Chua, MD

Jonard T. Co, MD

Eric G. Cu, MD

Josil R. Cruz, MD

Sammy C. Cunanan, MD

Jeffrey JP. Domino, MD

Frederick Dy, MD

Natasha Emano-Elazegui, MD

Steve Eubanks, MD

Noel C. Evangelista, MD

Jose Macario V. Faylona, MD

Joseph Roy F. Fuentes, MD

Banny Bay C. Genuino, MD

Michael M. Lawenko, MD

Michael Geoffrey Lim, MD

Prof. Charles CW. Lin, MD

Cyndi Rikka N. Loyola-Almirez, MD

Paul Michael Vincent M. Lugtu, MD

Michael Eufemio Macalalag, MD

Mark Francis Melendres, MD

Juan Alfonso M. Mendoza, MD

Miguel C. Mendoza, MD

Omar O. Ocampo MD

Vincent Noel M. Ocampo, MD

Raymund Andrew G. Ong, MD

Alejandro M. Palines Jr., MD

Kris Daniel V. Parilla, MD

Anthony R. Perez, MD

Jose Paolo C. Porciuncula, MD

Vicente R. Porciuncula, MD

Armen R. Posadas, MD

Jose Vicente T. Prodigalidad, MD, FPUA

Lauren Victoria R. Rellora, MD

Rafael Alexis T. Resurreccion, MD

Raymond Joseph Romero, MD

Domingo C. Sampang, MD

Rey Melchor F. Santos, MD

Ray I. Sarmiento, MD

Prof. Ian S. Soriano, MD, FACS

Prof. Sudhir Srivastava, MD

Catherine SC. Teh, MD

Prof. Anthony Teoh

Andrea Joanne A. Torre, MD

Roque Xerxes Torres, MD

Gabriel Anthony Villa, MD

Vivencio Jose P. Villaflor III, MD

John Ray B. Yang, MD

Clarence Pio Rey Yacapin

Prof. Ngiam Kee Yuan, MD

Speakers, Panelist and Judges

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